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Sunday, November 20th, Posted by Jim Thacker. The software is designed to convert raw scans of actors into production-ready characters sharing common topology and texture coordinates, and includes tools for decimation, mesh filtering and texture projection.

The tutorial describes the process of retopologising the scan data and baking textures in detail, with lots of nice images and a supporting video. Each has a resolution of 10, x 10, pixels. Tags: 3D scan3D Scan Storebodybuildercharacterdownload. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Get five new free procedural materials in. Check out the new features in the latest update to the all-purprose hard surface modelling toolkit. Create detailed renders of the planet's surface from space with this huge free bit texture map.

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Do you want the opportunity to work with a fast-growing, dynamic company building cutting-edge software? At ten24, we take great pride in the work we do and also have fun doing it! We are always looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals who embrace a collaborative mindset to join our diverse team.

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Join Our Talented Team! Contact Us.We talk to Ten24's James Busby about their break into 3D scanning, what it involves, as well as their plans to release a host of incredible new 3D models for artists and studios.

James Busby: Ten24 began back in with the aim of providing high-quality assets to the games and entertainment industry. We got a lucky break early on working on the Dead Island trailer and ever since then have been pretty busy with some very cool projects. We have done everything from high-end game characters to cars and designer handbags.

Now the scanning side of things is really taking off we are getting to work on some amazing projects.

ten24 3d scan store

We're very lucky to have had the opportunities that we have, and we owe a lot to our clients for the trust they have shown in us over the years.

Special thanks go out to Axis Animation and Realtime UK 2 of the best companies we have ever had the pleasure of working with. When Realtime UK wanted to create some of the most visually stunning and realistic characters ever seen in a computer-generated cinematic, Ten24 was able to help with its 80 x DSLR photogrammetry rig, capturing over 20 different high-res body and head scans with various poses and expressions. What is your rig like and how do you capture such detailed scans?

The key to capturing the details we do is mainly down to 3 important factors: 1. Sharp focus 2. Even lighting 3. The arrangement of the cameras The process is pretty straightforward: we take a shot, firing all 80 cameras at the same time, load the images into Agisoft's excellent PhotoScan and build the mesh on the highest possible quality setting we can get away with. JB: Clean-up is a tricky process and has taken us a while to really perfect the pipeline. We start by loading the raw scan into ZBrush and removing the noise and scan artefacts, sculpting and correcting any small details as we go.

We clean up any errors in Photoshop and then combine the whole thing in ZBrush. Typically, we provide our body scans with texture maps up to 15, x 15, pixels.

JB: These are the first of a new generation of scans we are releasing; for this session we scanned 10 models in 1 day with 35 expressions each. We cleaned up the neutral scans and then processed the 35 expression sets as RAW scans.

Each scan is stabilised so that the key facial features are in the same position on each scan, which makes for easy generation of blend shapes and morph targets. Going forward we are planning on releasing thousands of scans there is no limit to the amount of content we can put on the store, so you guys can expect a lot more in the future.

We figure it's about time we opened it up to the public to give everyone the chance to work with this kind of data. It's the future of realistic game character development and, as such, being able to work with it is fast becoming an essential skill for anyone interested in working as a character artist.

Search for. Ten24 talks 3D scanning. Tags 3d scanning dslr camera scanning photogrammetry head expressions ten Fetching comments Post a comment Comment. Related Making Of 'Salvatore'. Treehouse Ninjas: studio interview. News: Interviews Treehouse Ninjas: studio interview.Your version of is too old to display models in AR. Update your device or try on another device.

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3D Scan Store Launched

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ten24 3d scan store

Zoom Double click on model or scroll anywhere or Pinch touch. Reset camera view.

ten24 3d scan store

Link copy. Your device is not compatible. If the loading takes too long, you can learn more here. AR is not available for this model yet. To view this model in virtual reality:. More info on Virtual reality. Model is too heavy for your device and can not be rendered properly. Model Inspector.

Free modo scene with model and shader

Select an annotation. For compatibility reasons, 3D is not available see requirements. Connection error. Please try again. Sorry, the model can't be displayed. Add to Embed Share Report. Triangles: Just quick test using one of our 3d scan store heads.Thursday, June 27th, Posted by Jim Thacker. Ten24 has released a free high-resolution scan of a male human head, complete with 8, x 8,px or 16, x 16,pixel PBR texture maps, and available in a range of common 3D formats.

The model was created via photogrammetry using over DSLR cameras, then cleaned and retopologised. The exported model is also available in OBJ and FBX formats, with the head, eyelashes, eyebrows and jacket supplied as separate files. Both sets comprise colour, specular, normal, gloss, translucency and cavity maps, so they should be compatible with PBR workflows. Ten24 has also provided a Marmoset Toolbag scene with skin and material shaders already set up for the model, using the 8K texture maps.

The firm sells a range of further commercial 3D scans, including male and female heads, hands, feet and full bodies, via 3D Scan Storeits online shop. The assets are provided in two zip archives, both 1. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Get five new free procedural materials in. Check out the new features in the latest update to the all-purprose hard surface modelling toolkit.

Create detailed renders of the planet's surface from space with this huge free bit texture map. Signup for the Newsletter First Name. Last Name. Close window.

Download the new free materials on Substance Source Get five new free procedural materials in. All Rights. Privacy Policy. CG Channel is part of the Gnomon group of companies:.A new technique we have been working on for scanning full colour reflective objects using photogrammetry.

This is our second test and there is still a lot of room for improvement, objects with multiple reflective layers such as headlights are a problem as you can see from the mesh but we should be able to solve this in the coming weeks. For the purposes of this test we deliberately chose the hardest possible car to scan, reflective white paintwork, multicolored livery and lots of pure black shiny plastic, a photogrammetry nightmare to say the least!

Once the scan is processed we end up with a fully textured 3D model consisting of about 11 million triangles, As I mentioned before there are still some issues with the lights and there is a lot of noise in and around hard to scan areas such as under the arches and along the bottom of the diffuser. We have just uploaded x new expression scans to our 3D scan store, you can buy them individually or as a pack click the link below or one of the images to go to the store.

Client :: Realtime UK. Realtime UK came to us early last year with the expressed aim of creating some of the most visually stunning and realistic characters ever seen in a computer generated cinematic. Using our 80 x DSLR photogrammetry rig we captured over 20 different high res body and head scans with various poses and expressions. Close up texture details and unwrapped UV map. Capturing this seated pose required a quick rebuild of the scanner mid session.

We wanted to make sure we could get the most out of every available camera. We captured the pilots head with his helmet and goggles on, Obviously there was issues with the glass in the goggles. This was removed by us and Realtime later replaced it with their own glass mesh.

Here you can see how AGI photoscan uses all 80 of our cameras to create a dense mesh and high res texture map from a point cloud. We also provided a full re topology service for close up shots of the heads, including eyes teeth and tongue. In order to capture truly realistic expressions we had a lot of the actors screaming and shouting in the studio capturing split second mid pose scans as quickly as we could. The German Navy commander below is a perfect example of this. High Res head scans were used to replace the lower resolution facial scans that were captured at the same time as the body.

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Below you can see an example of the body scan with the above head scan used for the close up shot. One of the Tank crew members vaulting off his exploding tank, this was a particularly hard pose to capture due to the larger scanning volume required to get all his limbs in every shot.

Grey scan Zbrush Grab of the bust created by the world renowned Mark Coulier. Using one of our older head scans as a test subject. The shader its self is very easy to setup, simply load in the demo scene replace the head with what ever model you intend to use and copy the material over, then its simply a case replacing the maps and tweaking the settings to suit your model.

You can have a look at the settings we used here. And because we are feeling especially generous today you can also download the 3D scan and all the textures including the Pre-Intergrated Skin maps used here.

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